ACNS 2019 will be hosted at:

Universidad del Rosario, Sede Claustro
Cl. 12c # 6-25
Bogotá, Colombia (see map below)

Main venue: Aula Mutis (follow instructions from the main University entrance at the Del Rosario square).

Universidad del Rosario has a rich history of more than 360 years. Founded in 1653, it is recognized as the most experienced University in Colombia. Having been a crucial actor in the history of our country, and continuously finding new ways to work on its development, the Universidad del Rosario acknowledges it has a very important role in Colombia. Our University is proud of its tradition and looks forward to shape the future through our receptiveness, our culture of internationalization, our multilingual environment and our intercultural competence. See more info about the Universidad del Rosario here.

Colombia is a place of dreamers, a land full of magic, where everything is possible, where the ocean and the snow lives at the same place, the landscapes of the greatest books come alive and the rivers are pieces of art. Then, why Colombia? because it is the world’s gateway to South America. The country’s strategic location makes it the ideal place to hold international conventions and events. The country’s magic, its astonishing variety of climates, landscapes and the friendliness of its people turn business trips into unforgettable experiences.

Bogotá is the capital of Colombia, located in the center of the country on a plain 2,600 meters above sea level with an average temperature. It’s a city as diverse as the whole country, the most important cultural center in Colombia, and a place with hundreds of sites to see and activities to do. Bogotá offers a variety of attractions ranging from museums, historical centers, parks, theaters.

The cultural offer and infrastructure of the city are strong points which are complemented by the diversity found in the Department of Cundinamarca where the landscape and traditions allow for a meeting between urban and rural living. Amidst legends like El Dorado, incentive travel to the Colombian capital is a memorable experience. For more info about Colombia and Bogotá see here.


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